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Why Kids Need JumpStart!

JumpStart! Builds Healthy Habits…

JumpStart! participants learn to love physical activity and healthy play. If children learn to enjoy exercise and physical activity when they are young, studies show they are more likely to exercise and pursue a healthy lifestyle as adults. Conversely, an inactive childhood can be incredibly destructive to future health. JumpStart! sessions consist of age-appropriate exercise/aerobic routines, fitness games, and educational lessons such as nutrition, hygiene, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Most Pre-Schools/Day Care Centers Do Not Provide PE Classes…

Participation in structured physical activity at a young age better ensures a higher quality of life as children grow. Unfortunately, most pre-schools and day care centers do not offer structured physical education activity and curriculum. However, JumpStart! is a mobile operation and classes are taught in participating day care centers, pre-schools, playgroups, and grade schools.