Kids Fitness Activities

Similar to any good fitness program, we start with warm-up activities and stretching exercises. We then progress into our non-competitive/non-contact workout activities emphasizing body control skills (motor memory, spatial awareness, jumps and landing, dynamic balance, etc.), locomotion skills (walking, running, hopping, skipping, leaping, etc.), and object control skills (catching, bouncing and kicking a ball, underhand throwing, hand-eye coordination, etc.). The active portion of the class ends with a cool down and kid’s yoga routine.


Wellness/Nutrition Education

We teach children to choose healthy snacks over unhealthy ones. Jumpsters not only learn the importance of a balanced diet, food groups, hydration, hygiene and proper rest but also the risks associated with poor eating habits and a lack of exercise. We also discuss other important topics such as water safety, fire safety, stranger danger, and the use of the 911 emergency number.


Fun and Safe Workout Props

Kids are always excited about the JumpStart! equipment used in class. Hula-hoops, cones, bean-bags, maracas, sponge balls, body balls, foam rollers, and team parachutes are just a few of the props that complement and add freshness to our activities. Of course, all equipment is safe and age appropriate.

parachute 2.jpg