JumpStart! Class Structure

JumpStart! classes are typically 30 minutes long...the optimal class time for small children with limited attention spans. To keep children engaged an active, each class has typically 5-7 distinct elements providing a variety of instructed movement and educational modules.

A typical class is as follows:

  1. Welcome song designed to capture children's attention and direct their focus toward the class

  2. Gentle stretching set to music...Warming up is key to any physical activity!

  3. IT'S ADVENTURE TIME - pirates, superheroes, under the sea, ghost catching, etc, etc, etc!...Kids love engaging their minds and bodies while mimicking moves through a coach-narrated aerobic adventure.

  4. Its time to learn. Using books, puppets, and visual aids the JumpStart! coach covers topics such as nutrition, sleep value, anatomy, the importance of exercise, sports, sun safety, etc in a age-appropriate, age-effective manner.

  5. I wonder what the coach brought today? Hoops, beanbags, balls, tunnels, scarves, and many other props and equipment serve to drive object control and coordination skills in a series of easy to challenging progressions of individual maneuvers led by the coach.

  6. Everyone is riled up and having fun, but its time to cool down. The JumpStart coach will now lead relaxing kids yoga and deep breathing as we transaction back to our school day.


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