JumpStart! Kids Fitness is a comprehensive kids fitness/wellness enrichment program taught to pre-school and school-age children at several schools and community centers throughout the greater Phoenix-area.

Hoops, balls, beanbags, parachutes, music, movement and more. JumpStart! sessions consist of age-appropriate exercise, aerobic adventures, equipment activities, and educational lessons such as nutrition, hygiene, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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We have partnered with JumpStart! Kids Fitness for over ten years and it is one of the best weekly programs we offer at our school. Coach Ryan  is amazing and our students love to participate in JumpStart!. I highly encourage you to sign your child up.

Mariann D, School Director


Coach Ryan, Zach is so excited to tell you tomorrow that he ate broccoli with dinner tonight - he kept saying he knew you would be proud of him! Thanks for all of the positive reinforcement in everything you teach them - it does really work! Heaven knows we’ve been trying forever to get him to eat broccoli.

Mark S, parent


My son LOVES JumpStart and Coach Ryan! We really appreciate the lessons he learns about fitness, nutrition, safety and FUN!!! YOU ROCK Coach Ryan!!

Jennifer C, parent


Brett has a lot of FUN in JumpStart! - weather its learning about his lungs or doing the pirate adventure. He really looks forward to getting ready for school in the morning on JumpStart! days.

Micah H, parent